Yamanashi tourist information[Yamanashi Tourism Organization]

Yamanashi tourist information[Hana no Miyako Park/Lake Kawaguchi]

  • Θ[Hana no Miyako Park]At Hana no Miyako Park near Lake Yamanaka, you can enjoy seasonal flower fields and Mt. Fuji, such as cosmos in autumn, sunflowers in summer, tulips in spring, and nemophila in early summer.
    Θ[Kawaguchiko Museum of Art]The Kawaguchiko Museum of Art mainly exhibits works such as various photographs, paintings, and prints with the theme of Mt. Fuji.There is also a tea lounge and museum shop inside the museum overlooking the beautiful lake.
    Θ[Shimobe Onsen]Shimobe Onsen is one of the most effective and historically famous hot springs in Yamanashi Prefecture, and has been chosen as one of the best 100 hot springs in Japan.
    Θ[Lake Kawaguchi]Lake Kawaguchi has the longest shoreline of the Fuji Five Lakes and is registered as a World Heritage Site of Mt. Fuji. The area around Lake Kawaguchi is also famous as a shooting spot for cherry blossoms in spring, purple lavender in early summer, and autumn leaves.
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Yamanashi Tourist Information

Full of the many fantastic features of Yamanashi. From the incredible landscapes of Lake Motosu and Lake Kawaguchiko, to the surrounding areas of Mt.Fuji with its beautifully changing views in accordance to the season, as well as the many hot springs with good quality including the Fuji Kawaguchiko Onsen.

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